Wednesday, January 20, 2010

P.F.G. Triathlon Club - Tough to Join

The P.F.G. Triathlon Club has no meetings, no structure, no dues, no nothing. P.F.G Triathlon Club is a movement. It's people who have lost weight and got in shape by doing triathlons.

I see the P.F.G Triathlon Club as globally grassroots. Just in my little corner of the world of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, I've met many other P.F.G's I never knew existed and in many cases we've become occasional training buddies. Nothing structured or formal. Just a, "what are you doing this weekend?".

Not to mention the other P.F.G.'s I've met from around the world through blogs and twitter. It seems there is lots of P.F.G's and lots of people on their way to being P.F.G's. Each of us have pretty much the same story and we motivate and inspire each other without even knowing it.

It could be successfully argued that P.F.G Triathlon Club is one of the hardest clubs in the world to join. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears and self discipline, self control and self abuse to qualify for membership.

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