Sunday, June 13, 2010

Matt Oravec...His PFG Story

I have a long PFG story. Wanted to submit it with pics for your PFG blog... BUT in a nut shell. I was a fat ass growing up. Got tired of being made fun of in school, had zero self esteem, and would make fun of myself before the others did so that it didn't hurt as much when they made their comments.

Up until 11th grade I was overweight. The spring of my 10th grade year I went out for the track distance team. I got cut. They had NEVER cut 1 kid from track in the existence of the program. I was FURIOUS, HUMILIATED, and honestly HURT. I was the laughing stock of the entire track team because he announced me being cut in front of the whole team (100 + kids).

The track coach was also the XC coach. I trained all spring and all summer, running out of rage and fury and pure revenge. Started losing weight that summer, and my endurance was forced upon my large frame. I tried out for XC over summer and ended up being the #3 guy on the varsity team. (After making fun of my coach and telling him that I was the father of his daughter for 2 years, (he was an ex marine) he came after me one day swinging and I laid him out... one of the greatest days of my life, revenge is oh so sweet).

I have gone back to being a fat guy several times. I get stressed and lazy and let it go, it comes back fast, and each time it hurts more. The last time was this past winter. I was plowing snow in my truck and my size 38 pants (the largest I have ever owned) would not fit, I had to unbutton and unzip the pants to sit in my truck.

I told my wife Heather, I am officially done being a fatty. We got serious about working out and I have my fitness back. I was right around 245lbs +/- in January. I am 190lbs now. I lost the weight in 3 months and like you B I hope to never go back to that person that I was. Because I was not happy about myself then.

My motivation for being a PFG, happiness. I wanted a life that I would enjoy, I wanted my joints to stop hurting, I wanted to be able to go for a run and not be tired like I used to be able to. I wanted to enjoy life and not get told that I can't do excursions on vacations because I weigh too much.

Everyone has a story, everyone has been shaped by events in their life. I have learned that kids are assholes and that through them being assholes, they shape who you become. I am proud to say that I am far better off because they made fun of me.


DRog said...

Way to go, Matty O!

Is the race picture from this year Toledo marathon? amazing difference from the picture two above it! also you seem to be running with ease, very strong. I too have gone back to FatGuy, several times up and down...motivated NOW to keep this rally going. Like you I consider myself officially done with that guy. Incredible weight loss since January, Wow!

DRog said...

still LOL - great pose! haha

Matty O said...

D - Yes that was from the Glass City Marathon this year in Toledo, Ohio. I ran that April 25th, so I had about 4 months to drop the pounds. Race time was 3:19:57 (PR).

Running has been great since I have lost the weight. My body does not hurt nearly as much as it did and the joint pain/bad back has gone away too.

I hope that I have the discipline to maintain it this time. I have been cluttering my schedule with races... 2 a month so that I make this a lifestyle change.

As for the fat guy pictures, they were at the begining of my P90X cycle. Those were the "suggested" poses. Really they just wanted to make you look as gay as possible so you look not only fat, but pathetic too haha!

Thanks for posting B!

Brybrarobry said...

M, I see the "posing gay" sure comes natural to you. haha.

Just proves EVERYONE has a talent. haha.


Patrick Mahoney said...

Matto sent me over, new follower. Can pretty much change names and places and I would have a similar story..

Matty O said...

So my wife, Heather, read the post and looked at the pics I sent. She goes, "You are DISGUSTING, like, you look hideous in those pictures!"

I simply replied and said, "That right there honey is the man you married and HAVE to love!" HAHA, Oh the joys of documenting yourself at one of the lowest (or highest) points of your life haha!